R50 Interlocking Tiles

Durable, functional, colorful...

Polipropylene (PP) floor tiles are a wonderful alternative to the use of ceramic and epoxy flooring. Ceramic tiles look nice, but require a lot of work during installation. The disadvantage of a "raw" concrete flooring is that it's not very attractive in appearance and difficulty in maintaining it's cleanliness.

FloorFactor R50 series floor tiles offered by GarageFactor are a great option to convert a dirty, stained concrete floor into a stunning space without compromising on appearance, quality and safety. Our interlocking garage floor tile will totally change the look and the way you perceive your garage, work shop or basement!

Garage floor tiles can be easily installed by you in a few hours with no experience required and wothout any special surface preparation and messy adhesives.

The floor tiles R50 can be easily cut to size to fit the exact dimensions of your garage. You can complete the look by adding edging ramp strips and corners to finish off around the garage doors.

This durable, multi-purpose floor system gives you a professional work environment. It is resistant to chemicals such as oil, grease and brake fluid. The tiles can also withstand the weight of any type of car. Strong loops on the tiles make sure they will not separate under the pressure of a turning car wheel.


All you need to do is to align the loops and snap them together.


Edging ramps and corners allow for a smooth finish.

All colours can easily unite with each other, so you can create your own unique patchwork.

Easy installation by one person in one day!

Product features:

  • holds heavy weight
  • cleaning easier than concrete or epoxy flooring
  • fast installation
  • multiple colour variants
  • non slip surface
  • 100% portable
  • diamond pattern tiles
  • wide temperature range
  • resistant to UV, oil, gas and other automotive fluids
  • good resistance to acids/solvents
  • environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

Available colours: black, red, silver-grey, yellow


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