• Garage


    Garage is an asylum for every automotive enthusiast. Not only must provide good conditions for the storage of a beloved car, but also it should allow the owner to care and maintain its treasure with the respect it deserves.


    Be proud of your garage as much as of your car.



  • Workshop


    How many of us have a garden shed outside, a cosy loft room inside or a storage unit we've converted into our man cave? If we don't, it's about the time we changed this. Whether you need tools solely for making household repairs, you are a handyman, or simply have lots of spare time after your retirement.

    A well-organized workshop is essential. Now, you can take up on the projects you always wanted to do.



  • Garden


    Anyone who has ever worked in the garden knows how hard this activity can be. Mowing the lawn, tending flower beds, bushes and plants, trimming hedges, raking leaves, all this requires many different tools which can take up a lot of space.

    Whether you keep it in the locker, garage or garden shed, a suitable organization system can save you time and get you ready when Spring knocks in your door.



  • Home


    You know straight away, that well organised home need some storage ideas for all the gears you already possess plus all of new utensils a home requires.


    GarageFactor provides numerous ways in which you can efficiently and simultaneously develop the aesthetic space in your home.



  • Sport


    Every sports enthusiast knows how important is to use appropriate sports equipment. Whether you are an amateur or pro, those things always cost money. A favourite mountain bike, city bike, snowboard, often many pairs of skis, or even a windsurfing board. Added to this are protectors, helmets, sticks and many other things.


    And what if the family will have another sport amateur?



Storage ideas and solutions

GarageFactor - what it's worth

GarageFactor provides high quality garage storage wall systems, cabinets, shelving and garage flooring designed to cope with ever growing need to accommodate items and maximise space for cars.

Wall Mounted Panels R50 Interlocking Tiles Wall Accessories

Wall Mounted Panels

R50 Interlocking Tiles

Wall Accessories

GarageFactor’s patented WallFactor™ slatwall system is renowned for its modular, flexible and heavy duty storage applications.

Our Garage Storage Systems include:

  • WallFactor Slat-Wall Panels – a wall mounted storage solution

  • FloorFactor commercial and industrial Flooring – “easy-fit” modular flooring

  • Storage Accessories – shelves, hooks, baskets

  • Storage Cabinets – range of cabinets and benches

GarageFactor – we transform walls into complete storage areas

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GarageFactor is based in Cambridge (UK), famous for it's University and world-leading technology parks and we provide our products to customers all around Europe from our logistic locations in UK and Poland.

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